Plant & Machinery

The railway industry relies heavily on plant and machinery to build and maintain the infrastructure. GPX Rail have wide collection of road rail excavators, dumpers along with traditional tracked and wheel plant. Rail and site-specific tools and small plant are a necessity for our line of work and thus are maintained to the highest standards. Our plant can be transported nationwide, offering rail and site services for public and private sector clients.

Other services


Our team are highly skilled and can carry out any works required on a rail project or in rail maintenance.


Intense heat is used to join railway tracks together, ensuring a sturdy connection that can support the weight of trains travelling over them.


With our wide range of courses available, employees can be sure to get the education and training they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Civil & Structural Engineering

This is a critical part of the railway infrastructure. It is responsible for the design and construction of bridges, track, and stations.


Certified with ISO Quality Management, ISO Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Experts In Civil Engineering

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