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By their nature, railway works often take place at night, with small margins for error. GPX Rail are experienced PSDP and PSCS contractors who have successfully design engineered solutions that allow for full rail renewals. We have completed numerous 48 – 60 hour shut downs in city centre locations involving multiple 3rd parties. We are always available to work with our clients, offering high quality, economic and safe design, and implementation of projects.

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Our team are highly skilled and can carry out any works required on a rail project or in rail maintenance.


Intense heat is used to join railway tracks together, ensuring a sturdy connection that can support the weight of trains travelling over them.


Portable machinery, appliances, apparatus, tools, and vehicles are used to carry out railway maintenance and projects.


With our wide range of courses available, employees can be sure to get the education and training they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.


Certified with ISO Quality Management, ISO Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety Management.

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